Agenda Bug

1. Trader Ant “Antenna”

Antenna specialized on stock and cryptocurrency trading.

It tries to cover up its rotund body in white paint, hoping for a slimmer look. The large antenna, in addition to the ones on his head, collects all kinds of information day and night. Hardworking and persistent, he is an influencer specializing in Agendabook’s economy and new product sections.

2. Therapist, peace activist Lady Bug “Rainbow”

Rainbow is a peace activist who does counselling by reading the stars.

When the body turns into rainbow colors once a year, Rainbow goes out on the streets for 30 days of peace activism. It goes back to its grumpy self when the rainbow disappears. It wears glasses for the poor eyesight, but those are also special glasses that can let it see into other people’s minds. Rainbow is an Agendabook influencer specializing in social issues.

3. Travel YouTuber Bumble Bee “Yotubee”

Yotubee is a travel YouTuber flying freely around the world.

Without a single thought for marriage, Yotubee has a huge following as an expert traveler visiting all corners of the world. The solar-panel wings charge the jet engine that can reach 350 km/h speed. No one knows its gender, and it’s been carrying its stringer on the head since it came off. Yotubee is an influencer for Agendabook’s culture section.

4. Environment activist Firefly “Zero”

Zero lights his tail while finding its happiness through environmental activism.

Zero’s light is thought to cleanse toxic contamination, but nothing has been scientifically proven. Quiet, gentle, and serene, Zero is a lightweight who will faint at the sniff of alcohol. Zero is a health and environment influencer on Agendabook.

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