Announcement on April 19

Launched the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized storage service “Soteria Space”

Hello, this is BaaSid & DeStorage Team.

“Soteria Space”, the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized storage service, opened its service to B2B companies through its first launch in Singapore.
Currently, the service has started centering around 10 reserved customers, and the details are as follows.
Service business name: BaaS Cloud
Service Brand Name: Soteria Space
Overview of Soteria Space service: It is a strong security management platform for corporate important data. It is a service that enables intra-company collaboration that supports file management, distributed data storage, notification function, internal access authority setting, file operation monitoring, and log audit. It is a decentralized storage platform based on SaaS and BaaS for data security of data security managers, developers, workers, and legal officials such as CISOs and DPOs by country.
Launching schedule: April 19, 2021 (Today) Launching in Singapore
Launched in Taiwan/China in June 2021
Launched in Korea/Southeast Asia in August 2021
Launched in Japan in October 2021
Launched in North America/Europe in November 2021
The launch schedule of the B2C personal cloud service will be announced separately, and BAAS and DS tokennomics will be applied to the personal cloud for B2C. In addition, various services using the platform of BaaS Cloud are scheduled to open continuously, so we ask for your expectation and interest.



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