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BaaSid has announced a new Sales Kit for launching a new blockchain-based authentication solution brand “Pistis” and a decentralized storage service “Soteria” in Singapore.

“Pistis” is a blockchain-based Decentralized ID (DID) and MFA API solution service. In particular, by providing various modules and APIs to expand the supply of Multi-Factor OTP authentication services, customers can link or build services more conveniently and easily.

“Soteria” is a decentralized storage service. It is a blockchain-based SaaS file management system. It is a B2B solution that enables easier and faster collaboration for file sharing and management in the cloud.

BaaSId will do its best to provide more active services and activate blockchain services through the announcement of this Sales Kit.
In addition, in order to expand sales in Southeast Asian countries including Taiwan and Singapore, Japan, China, and Korea, we plan to strengthen our cooperative line with local solution distributors and further expand our global service area.



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BaaSid & Destorage

BaaSid & Destorage


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