CryptoLab X LINE Tech plus “LINE Blockchain” joint development and cooperation MOU

Hello, this is BaaSid Team.
CryptoLab ( in charge of BaaSid’s Japanese blockchain business and LINE Tech Plus in charge of LINE Blockchain development have signed an MOU for business cooperation in planning, sales, and development of the “LINE Blockchain” service. .
Contract target: LINE Tech plus

Contract details:
1) LINE Blockchain (LINK) technology and cryptocurrency (LINK) platform service planning, sales, and development cooperation
2) A front-line “building support program” operation support service for services using LINE Blockchain
LINE Tech plus is a blockchain company that developed LINE’s first cryptocurrency, ‘LINK’, and was established for the activation of ‘LINE Blockchain’ and global services.
Based on BaaSid technology and applied blockchain, Japan’s CryptoLab is growing into the best blockchain company in Japan with its flagship projects such as "HyperLedger-based application blockchain service development" and "LINE Blockchain development cooperation and business establishment business".
BaaSid will do its best to accelerate the commercialization of blockchain with the aim of preoccupying the conservative Japanese market through technical and business cooperation with various Japanese partners through CryptoLab.

BaaSid Team



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