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in order to celebrate the establishment of the "NB-IoT Wearable Internet of Things" coalition, its co-founding companies BaaSid, FET, Qiling, Maode and GOLiFE " officially held a joint press conference in Taipei, Taiwan yesterday.

The "NB-IoT Wearable Application Service" platform, which combines NB-IoT (Narrow Band-IoT) technology, is brought together bytelecommunications manufacturers, graphic experts, blockchain security storage, chip design and IOT product developers.

The establishment of a coalition plans to help quarantine patients in the current epidemic situation worldwide. Personal wearable devices can effectively track the user's travel path during quarantine, BaaSid's technology can guarantee the user's authentication when using the wearable device, and sensitive personal information is not leaked.

Through this, it is expected to actively contribute to practical services by linking with various commercially available wearable iOT products.

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