December 2023, BaaSid Business Report

2 min readDec 14, 2023

BaaSid Business Report, November 2023 | by Manager BaaSid | Nov, 2023 | Medium


1. Development of “Agendabook” web report system
- Entire agenda search function
- ChatGPT A.I cross-analysis page completed (internal testing)
- Selected as Microsoft OpenAI program / Free ChatGPT API credit support
- Development of subscription report service

2. NFT solution and open market platform project
- Launch of Japanese NFT open market ‘DateMart’ service (
- NFT open market for creators that combines NFT with real-world use such as various 3D data

3. Axell Co., Ltd. (
- Joint cooperation participation in Japan Blockchain Hackathon 2023

4. Taiwan TWCC (
- Public chain design for easy data exchange
- Preparation for Tradable White Certificate patent application

5. Taiwan JOINT IT (
- Completion of secure storage and linkage development of corporate member data on blockchain
- 2nd development consultation underway

6. Blockchain-based music copyright solution
- Taiwan Inciting/Buzzhood Music 1st version development completed
- Development is scheduled to be completed in December 2023 and serviced in the first quarter of 2024

1. Japan ILS event booth participation completed (
- Event date: December 5~December 7
- Introducing the agenda book system to about 30 Japanese and global companies, including NTT, NC Japan, and SalesForce.
2. Completed participation in Blockchain Digital Trust Forum (
- Event date: December 8th
3. Live broadcast conducted by famous influencer YouTuber [Jin Ja-rim]
- Edited version scheduled to be uploaded to YouTube

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