October 2023, BaaSid Business Report

2 min readOct 9, 2023


  1. “Agendabook” project
    - ‘AXEN MALL’ product selection completed / API interconnected development
    - New ranking and matching agenda development completed
    - ‘W-RGS’ (Web Report Generator System) design development in progress
    - A.I fortune development completed: A.I fortune service planned on the Fun Agenda website
    - Completed development of 39 psychological test contents including MBTI

2. Japan CryptoLab opens NFT Market Place
- https://datemart.valuebase.jp
- Sales of drone-filmed content and NFTs by a young NFT artist in Sendai begin

3. Hakuhodo Products, Japan (https://www.h-products.co.jp)
- Completed wallet development contract linked to Metaverse

4. Japan Trans Cosmos (https://www.trans-cosmos.co.jp)
- System maintenance contract completed

5. Taiwan A-DATA DID system (https://www.adata.com/tw)
- DID online service preparation

6. Taiwan DaKao,Univeristy entrance exam Communication Entrprise
- Discussion on development of DID-based high school graduation certificaten in progress


(Sales proposal does not mean a confirmed contract. Separate notice will be announced once the contract is concluded)

1. Equinix Japan (https://www.equinix.co.jp)
- Negotiation of ValueBaseNFT sales agency contract

2. Japan AppleFarm (https://applefarm.co.jp)
- Discussion on review of activities of welfare organizations and sale of art by people with disabilities

3. Hankyu Hanshin Tigers (https://www.hankyu-hanshin.co.jp/jinji/business/entertainment.html)
- NFT sales and event planning consultation for Tigers players

4. Taiwan Your Carbon Holdings (https://www.yourcarbon.com.tw/
- Discussion on blockchain-based carbon footprint verification and solution introduction

5. Taiwan Stockfeel (https://www.stockfeel.com.tw/)
- Discussion on introduction of Web3.0 solution with DID


  1. Taiwanese listed company name change completed BAAS INNOVATION
    - Change of CEO (Completed) : Jame Huang (Huang chicheng).
    - Changing its main business to a blockchain specialized company.
    2. Agendabook Philippines Local corporation establishment discussion and business progress plan discussion
    3. Agendabook Japan local corporate investment consultation in progress

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