Hello, this is BaaSid Team.

[Listing Notice]

Token Name: DS(DeStorage)

Listed Exchange: HOTBIT (DS/USDT)

1.■ Listing Schedule : 2021.05.21 06:00 AM UTC

■ Listed market: DS/USDT
■ How to check wallet: Asset management ▶️ Deposit and withdrawal ▶️ Check in the digital asset page
■ Trading environment: PC web browser, mobile web browser, mobile APP

2.DS(DeStorage) is a blockchain-based decentralized storage service platform that provides secure storage for B2B enterprises and cloud storage services for B2C personal use.
It realizes strong data security by storing all kinds of sensitive data separately/distributed without saving the original.

3. Official web site: www.destorage.io

The BaaSid Team will work harder to accelerate the commercialization of blockchain authentication technology and decentralized storage with constant effort and passion.

BaaSid Team



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BaaSid & Destorage

BaaSid & Destorage


Blockchain as a Service : Instant Access, Decentralized Storage, Blockchain-base certification platform