January 2024, BaaSid Business Report

1 min readJan 15, 2024
January 2024, BaaSid Business Report
  • Development/Partnership*

1. Development of “Agendabook” Web Report
Completed development of data analysis system through ChatGPT API connection
Completed development of data preprocessing for A.I analysis
Completed advertising marketing system development and Agendabook linkage development

2. Completion of CryptoLab board of directors for Agendabook Japan service
Localization development to prepare for Agendabook Japanese service
Japanese My Data input and translation work in progress

3. Microsoft Launcher Program [ChatGPT Azure Support Program]
Microsoft’s ChatGPT Azure program credit support agreement expected to be prepared and signed

4. Forming a carbon reduction platform consultation with Taiwanese government agencies
Joint consultation on blockchain-based carbon reduction platform with Taiwanese government agency MUGA (Manufactures United General Association) (MUGA

5. HAKUHODO, Japan (https://www.h-products.co.jp)
Business partnership for META COMMERCE development

6. Taiwan iii Education (https://www.iiiedu.org.tw)
DID certificate nationwide sales training launched

  • etc*
    1. Strategic investment consultation for Agendabook global service (www.adata.com)
    Review and progress of draft investment contract for business cooperation between global SSD and semiconductor company ‘ADATA’
    2. Strategic investment consultation for Agendabook Japan service (https://www.axell.co.jp)
    Investment discussions for Japanese services held with Japan’s Axell

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