March 2024, BaaSid Business Report

2 min readMar 8, 2024
March 2024, BaaSid Business Report


1. “Agendabook” system update
- Web RGS (A.I-based web report system) development completed
- Development of payment (paid subscription) for commercialization of Web RGS completed
- Testing for Agendabook App update
- Paid research (Premium Agenda, Match Agenda) development and testing completed
- Multilingual translation and application development completed for Japanese and Taiwanese services
- Completed development of country-specific administrator creation and management system for global service

2. Japan Trans Cosmos (
- NFT market service cooperation agreement

3. e-Sports Sendai (
- Japan Sendai e-Sports Association officially adopts the official NFT platform ‘Value Base’
- Issuance of NFT for competition incentives

4. Taiwan Biobank PoC test (
- Dynamic Consent PoC test scheduled to be conducted at Taoyuan TCMG Hospital

5. Taiwan HsinChu Science Park Administration (
- Blockchain-based manager security development in progress
- Business security check

6. NFT marketplace ‘Datemart’ update (
- DateMart system stabilization completed
- Additional expansion of campaign product NFT

1. BaaSid 2024 1Q roadmap progress status
- [Web RGS: A.I-based web report generator system] development underway in 1Q 2024
- Modifying the UI UX of Web RGS and conducting tests to prepare for commercialization
- Development of web report and subscription payment linkage completed
- New APK update scheduled: March-April
- [Web RGS] Scheduled to be released: March~April

2. Inaugural meeting to establish Agendabook Japan
- AXELL, PRO investment review in progress
- Progress in forming executives and board of directors
- Marketing and budget discussions for Japanese services

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