May 2024, BaaSid Business Report

2 min readMay 9, 2024
May 2024, BaaSid Business Report


1. Agenda book update completed
- Ranking and matching agenda updates completed
- Feedback point system completed (limited number of panel feedbacks)
- Paid research and subscription payment connection completed
- RGS (Report Generator System) A.I analysis update: Automatic preprocessing of research data for A.I analysis
- In progress of preparing sales proposals for each sales target
- Preparation of subscription events for sales and completion of free subscription development

2. SK Broadband research completed
- Completed research for IPTV’s online console service
- A.I analysis and raw data provision completed

3. Japan NTT Digital (
- Scramberry WALLET cooperation and partnership
- Value Base Marketplace Recruitment (

4. Anchain security diagnosis service (
- Security diagnosis service launched
- Anchain Japan service cooperation

5. Blueseeds (
- ESG Select Platform front and back-end development in progress
- Blockchain-based ESG and carbon reduction verification

6. BaaSid Main net-based certificate and training certificate update
- Carbon emissions certificate update
- Updated 3 types of carbon reduction training certificates

1. BaaSid 2024 2Q roadmap progress: VRS
- VRS (Virtual Research System) design and completion
- Develop ‘Clone A.I’ sample by replicating panel tendency data
- Data preprocessing and data organization
- Algorithm development progress for prototype development
- ChatGPT API linkage development in progress
- VRS system patent preparation in progress

2. BAAS token lockup extension completed
- 1-year lockup renewal of 26% of BAAS tokens locked until May 31, 2024 completed
- The lockup of 26% of existing locked BAAS tokens (10% for founders, 10% for team & advisors, 6% for investors) has been extended until May 31, 2025.
- Locked BAAS token address
Founder 10% Address: 0xA411098898910577A956a87704FD7D14D2C742ac
Team & Advisor 10% Address: 0x16D1E89D4dbe0F9Ec652cefb66e3Ea02B7573Aa9
Investor 6% Address: 0xbBbf27e990f0F6A49cDC8AF0bFBC3487fdb93567

3. Agendabook Taiwan service preparation
- Negotiation for Taiwan service with Taiwan’s BaaS Innovation (
- Development of multilingual service support
- Separation and development of web services by country

4. Planned to participate in Taiwan Cybersecurity Conference (CyberSec 2024)
- Participation schedule: 5/14~5/16
- Participation location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 / Booth T17

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