Coin Eco-system and Practical Use

2 min readApr 30


Hello. This is BaaSid Team.

Here, we have opened a Q&A to explain more clearly by sharing frequently asked questions and misunderstandings by holders, as well as the progress of the project.

Q: I am curious about the BAAS token eco-system.

A: BAAS is designed to be paid as a fee for 2FA, MFA, DID, and various data authentication services. In addition, we are preparing to receive various benefits by depositing BAAS through the De-Fi wallet that BaaSid is preparing. For example, if you deposit BAAS in the “Agendabook” service, the My Data Exchange business, the level of participation and rewards in My Data increases.

In addition, in ‘Agendabook’, advertisers (company) must use BAAS or DS to recharge or purchase Rewards point(AXEN) that advertisers (company) pay for market research, marketing, and surveys.

Q: I am curious about the DS token ecosystem.

A: It is designed to expand the user’s capacity by staking to increase the user’s decentralized storage capacity in ‘Agendabook’, a blockchain-based data exchange serviced by the BaaSid Team.

In addition, we provide a ‘Safe Box’ solution for plug-in with B2C services of decentralized storage, and you can use storage by paying a DS fee.

This QA will be continuously updated, and there may be changes in business plans and schedules. Thank you for your cooperation.

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