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Q: I am curious about the structure of the BaaSid company.

A: BaaSid is a multinational corporation. Each company was established in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia, and BaaS Holdings (based in Singapore) is the holding company.

BaaS Holdings Singapore (7 people) / BaaSid Taiwan (26 people), BaaSid Lab Japan (3 people), CryptoLab Japan (8 people), PRO Japan (7 out of 158 developers developed BaaSid), BaaSLab (6 people), BaaS Currently, a total of 51 people (40 full-time, 11 part-time).

Q: Current sales by country of BaaSid

A: Currently, from the third quarter of 2020, through sales contracts, DID solution supply, authentication, decentralized storage, blockchain application development and service, etc., are positioned as the №1 blockchain company in Taiwan and Japan.

July 2022, BaaSid Taiwan is generating annual sales of about 1 million USD (USD), Japanese CryptoLab is generating sales of about 150 million yen (JPY), and PRO Group with BaaSid’s R&D center in Japan is about 2.5 billion yen (JPY) ) increased with sales.

However, through the core technology developed in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, the service that came out first in any country was systemized so that it could be serviced immediately to Global one by one.

There is no separate development team for BaaSid Singapore and Malaysia, and sales teams for Southeast Asia, Greater China and North America are working.

BaaS Cloud B2C Service, My Data Exchange, Data Vault Service, etc. are being prepared for large-scale sales and BAAS and DS ecosystem integration, and more sales are expected through this.

This QA will be continuously updated, and there may be changes in business plans and schedules. Thank you for your cooperation.

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