September 2023, BaaSid Business Report

2 min readSep 5, 2023


1. “Agendabook” project

- ‘AXEN MALL’ system development completed / Terms and conditions and page development in progress

- Completed development and testing of new ‘Ranking Agenda’ and ‘Matching Agenda’

- ‘W-RGS’ (Web Report Generator System) design progress

- Development of A.I intelligent report through ChatGPT API connection

2. Taiwan A-DATA (

- Consultation on development of apps related to carbon reduction

- DID system development and online service joint cooperation consultation

3. Taiwan BIOBANK (

- Completed sales negotiations with 3 hospitals including TPE, Taoyuan, and Tainan

4. NTUST, Taiwan (

- Phase 2 development of DID certified product completed

5. Taiwan A-DATA DID system (

A-DATA’s DID system cooperation development progress


(Sales proposal does not mean a confirmed contract. Separate notice will be announced once the contract is concluded)

1. Japan Computer Management Co., Ltd. (

- NFT marketplace and sales and offers

2. Japan ‘i-nou’ Co., Ltd. (

- Review marketplace and sales and proposals for selling art for people with disabilities related to NFT

3. Taiwan BDSM (

Blockchain service and site construction consultation

4. Taiwan Carbon Zero Academy (

  • Negotiation on blockchain-based carbon reduction certificate


1. BaaSid Taiwan corporate merger in progress

- BaaSid Taiwan completed its merger (M&A) with a Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) listed company.

- James Huang, CEO of BaaSid Taiwan, discussed taking office as CEO of a listed company

- Negotiated change of company name to BAAS INNOVATION

- Business purpose and business consultation completed as a blockchain specialized company

- After all other details and shareholder meeting results are completed, a separate announcement will be made following a local press release.

2. Negotiation for establishment of Agendabook Philippines local corporation in progress

3. Negotiation for establishment of Agendabook Japan local corporation in progress

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